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Human-centered Environment-friendly Product-Driven Company

CEO Greeting

Human-centered Environment-friendly Product-Driven Company
Future-oriented Enterprise based on Technology

“Technical CEO, Young Tae, Kim"

We sincerely welcome for visiting our website, POWERWRAP CORP. and POWER INC CORP.
POWERWRAP CORP specializes in wrapping products and leads a worldwide market by producing PVC food wraps, wraps for machinery and industrial wraps with continuous endeavor and R&D since the establishment in 2002. POWERWRAP CORP obtained patents on the world’s first environment-friendly food packing products that are harmless of human body and bio-degradable PVC cling film which is the first bio products in the industry. Accordingly, we have been focused by many countries promoting our POWERWRAP brand throughout the world.

Along with this, POWER INC CORP has exported over 40 production lines in more than 18 countries assisting our customers with know-how and technology transfer through skilled engineers, enabling them to produce high quality PVC food wrap from their local environment.

In addition, we have established joint ventures in 5 counties up to now as the business expansion and discussed several countries to establish more joint ventures in future.Our goal is to grow together with our valued customers in PVC food wrap industry.
POWERWRAP CORP and POWER INC CORP move forward to be a company to grow and develop not only for our own benefit but for all of us as we gain confidence both internally and externally and will use all our capability to be an international leader to lead the world for PVC wrapping and machine equipment field while listening to customers and being not complacent.

Thank you.