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The Futuristic technology for producing PVC Cling film which based on experienced technology & know-how.

CEO Greetings

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"Technical CEO Young Tae, Kim"

We sincerely welcome you for visiting our websites, POWERWRAP Corp. and POWER INC Corp.

POWERWRAP Corp. specializes in wrapping products and leads a worldwide market by producing PVC food wraps, wraps for machinery, and industrial wraps with continuous endeavor and R&D since its establishment in 2002.

POWERWRAP Corp. obtained patents on the world’s first environment-friendly food-packing products that are harmless to the human body and bio-degradable PVC cling film, the first bioproduct in the industry. Accordingly, we have been focused on by many countries promoting our POWERWRAP brand throughout the world.
POWER INC Corp. aims to grow with our valued PVC food wrap industry customers. We have exported over 59 production lines in more than 18 countries, assisting our customers with know-how and technology transfer through skilled engineers, enabling them to produce high-quality PVC food wraps from their local environment.

With the belief that if the company's calling is continuous growth, the driving force comes from cooperation, we strive to win customers' hearts and design the future. POPWERWRAP Corp. and POPWER INC Corp. will become a company that can grow and develop not just me, but everyone, and will do their best to become an international leader in PVC Wrap and its mechanical equipment without complacency.

As POPWERWRAP Corp. and POWER INC Corp. are companies that are receiving recognition both domestically and internationally, we are committed to not only individual growth but also to the growth and development of everyone involved. In the rapidly changing global market, we embrace the mindset, "It's not about what we've done so far, but what we do from now on."

We will actively listen to the voices of our customers, never settle, and strive to become international leaders in the PVC wrap and machinery equipment industries. We will devote all our capabilities to leading the world in these fields.

Thank you.