About Us

The Futuristic technology for producing PVC Cling film which based on experienced technology & know-how.



Power INC
We have long experience and accumulated know-how.

We can produce customising product with our over 30years experience.
With over 20 different formulars, we can produce different characteristic products from our machine.
Ex) Special Cling film for mushroom, Meat & Vegetable.


We can produce various products.

Can produce from 8mic to 50mic products with single Line.
It is possible to produce thin film to thick film in same production line based on our professional operation skill.


Speial training program for skill transfer.

We have trainning program for operating our Casting type machine. Our potential client can send their operator to our factory for skill transfer.


Small Loss

Our model's production ratio more than 97% compare with competitor's 85% to 90% productino ratio.